Useful resources...

For taking action:

Can You Hear Us?  

the impact campaign for the 'I Am Greta' documentary encouragaing the younger generation to get involved with clime action

Fridays For Future 

strike movement started by Greta Thunberg, information on how and when to take part in strikes, plus actions beyond striking

Keep Britain Tidy

charity focusing on eliminating waste and litter in the UK. their website has a huge amount of information and ways to get involved with litter picks. 

Warriors On Waste

a movement dedicated to educating children to look after the planet better than previous generations, with a focus on upcycling. There are also ‘warriors on waste’ bootcamps for kids to learn some hands on skills. 

Planet Patrol

a movement working towards eliminating single use materials and litter. They release yearly reports based on littering which show the top 5 polluting brands each year. They organise clean ups across the globe which you can get involved with and they even have an app dedicated to tracking litter you collect, which you can categorise and quantify the difference being made. 

Kids Against Plastic

a charity set up by two teenagers motivated to take action against plastic pollution. They have run a variety of different campaigns all with the aim of breaking peoples plastic habits and lobbying for change. The website has a section for learning more and also taking action - all aimed towards getting kids involved. Its a really brilliant resource for younger generations. 

My Plastic Diary

this is a really good app which helps you track and reduce your plastic footprint. Its a good way of keeping focused as it also allows you to set a goal! 

For learning more:

Plastic Oceans/ Ocean Generation

originally ‘Plastic Oceans’ but have now changed to Ocean Generation (here). Both pages are full of information about the impact we are having on our oceans, plus there is a link to watch the original 'Plastic Oceans' documentary. 

Green World

a digital publication of the Green Party posting regular content related the ethos of the party.

Ethical Consumer

a brilliant resource for checking how ethical companies are with their shopping guides and ethical ratings. There is a lot of free information on the website but there is also the option to buy a subscription for full access. A great place to compare companies ethics.

Everyday Plastic

fascinating report about the amount of plastic the average person uses in a year, based on the findings of a man in Margate, Kent who had no recycling options at home instead decided to keep and analyse all his rubbish over the course of a year. 

Less Plastic

Less Plastic is a non-profit organisation which focuses on sharing practical tips to reduce plastic use. You’ve probably seen one of their infographs on social media! Their website is good recourse for starting your plastic free journey and, they encourage people to share their images online to raise awareness so you can even pass the information on! 


Climate Emergancy: Feedback Loops

five short educational films about feedback loops - set into motion by human impact which raise CO2 emissions but then worsen and speed up the affects of climate change. These films address different areas the is occuring and ways in which they can be stopped and reversed. 

Kiss the Ground

a documentary film on Netflix which focuses on regenerative agriculture which has the potential to help climate change affects, replenish water supplies and feed the world. A very interesting watch but if like me, you’re motivated to do something to help after watching, they have a great page on taking action in ways that suit you best from activism, lifestyle and youth education.