Made by: Blue Lotus


Sent to Contain Yourself in: 5L containers, when they are empty they are refilled by Blue Lotus - creating a circular economy.


About: This Organic Hand Sanitiser is made from natural ingredients and 70% alcohol content. Fast, effective way to kill virus and bacteria on the skin. Most over the counter sanitisers that have a high alcohol content leave hands sore, dry and chapped. Our sanitisers have the added benefits of aloe vera gel and glycerin which keeps hands soft, moisturised and silky. A gentle infusion of Lavender and Tea Tree oils also leaves your hands smelling amazing!


Alcohol can be an irritant to some, so please carry out a test patch before use. If irritation occurs, wash hands thoroughly with hot water and soap and discontinue use. CAUTION: KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT, HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


Ingredients:  Organic Ethyl Alcohol 70%Organic Vegetable GlycerinDistilled WaterOrganic Aloe Vera GelEssential Oils

Organic Hand Sanitiser

100 Grams

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