Made by: Fill


Sent to Contain Yourself in: 20L containers, when they are empty they are sent back to Fill for refilling - creating a circular economy.


About: Concentrated formula to remove stains. Eco friendly, Biodegradable, dye free, not tested on animals, vegan. Made in Northamptonshire.


Price Check: Refill 1 litre with us for £3.70 (or £5.41 for Method Floor Cleaner from Sainsburys!)


How to use: Dilute with warm water. Apply with mop or cloth. Dilute 1:10 for heavy duty cleaning. Dilute up to 1:100 for mopping or light general cleaning.


Ingredients: contains amongst other ingredients: less than 5%: surfactant, glycol ether, essential oil, preservative. less than 30%: alkaline sodium salts. more than 30%: aqua

Floor Cleaner (Bergamot)

100 Grams

    Refill here:

    154 London Road


    TN4 0PJ

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