Laundry Liquid - The facts!

Laundry liquid - both scented and unscented - is always in the top 5 of our most popular products here at Contain Yourself, but it's also the product which most often gets questioned due to it being one of our more expensive cleaning refills.

I thought I'd break down the great benefits of refilling with us and give you a little price comparison too!

The laundry liquid comes from the brilliant Fill - a family run company based in Northamptonshire. These guys make simple and effective cleaning and laundry products and we love stocking them.

The highlights:

  • vegan

  • cruelty free

  • circular system

  • the unscented version has passed assessment the Allergy Uk Allergy Friendly Product Award

Price comparison:

We regularly price check our items with similar products available at supermarkets and we are proud that refilling the laundry liquid with us is cheaper than buying a new bottle at Sainsbury's!

1 litre of our Neroli laundry liquid is £5.70

1 litre of our unscented laundry liquid is £5.40

1 litre of Method laundry detergent is £6.41

1 litre of Ecover laundry liquid is £6.00

We only price match with like for like products available at supermarkets, such as other vegan/ cruelty free brands because it just doesn't seem fair to compare with cheaper 'own brands' as these simply don't have the same positive environmental impact.

(These prices were correct at time of writing)

Have you tried our laundry liquid yet? The beauty of refilling is you can bring in a small jam jar so you can try a small amount before committing!

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