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How we've adapted to COVID-19

The world has changed drastically over the last few months and while it seems things are slowly returning to normal; there is still the need to be careful to look after ourselves, each other and the planet.

There are a few ways in which shopping with us has changed:

1. Refills must now only be done by staff members to reduce the amount of people touching taps and dispensers.

2. Containers from home must be clean, empty and dry or they will be refused!

3. Card payments are only being accepted currently.

4. Staff members will put on their face mask before you enter the shop.

5. Only one person (or family in the same household) allowed in the shop at one time.

We are still accepting donated bottles and jars! Once these have been received they are left in our store room for at least 72 hours before being throughly washed and left to dry.

We understand that many of you may not feel comfortable popping out to the shop incase there is a queue so to help this and to save you time, we have introduced a couple of new options:

  1. Click & Collect - choose a time that suits you and we’ll get your order ready to collect reducing the need to wait for bottles to be refilled. You can let us know whether you’d like us to use our own supply of donated bottles or if you’ll be dropping off your own containers prior to your booking.

  2. Deliveries - these proved popular during lockdown and we’ve received feedback that you’d like them to continue! Currently we are offering 8 delivery slots each week, for delivery on Sundays (last orders by the end of Friday) so please only book if absolutely necessary (if you are shielding or showing symptoms) and please consider combining order withs local friends and family members too! If demand increases then we will look at adding more slots in the future!

Farmers markets are slowly starting to reopen and this has always operated by staff filling up your bottles so there is no major changes there! Although, we are now offering a click & collect option for markets too, so you can simply pop along and collect your ready filled bottles!

Both in store and at markets have strict cleaning rules in place. Staff are sanitising their hands in between each customer and our weighing scales, card machines, pumps and taps are all wiped down after use too.

Please note: unfortunately, for the foreseeable future we can’t offer a safe way to allow customers to have a smell of different fragrances.

I really hope you feel safe continuing to refill your bottles with us, if there is anything else you think we could be doing, please let me know!

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