February 2021 refill stats

I had some really positive feedback following the refill statistics from last month, I think it really helps to see the physical difference being made by your actions!

So, during February:

609 bottles were refilled

(based on an average bottle size of 500ml).

This is roughly 65 more bottles reused compared to January!

304kg of liquids were refilled last month

Which is 32kg than the month before! To put this into some context 304kg is roughly the same weight as two adult ostriches!

The top 5 bestsellers were:

  1. Washing up liquid

  2. Laundry liquid

  3. Fabric conditioner

  4. Fig leaf hand soap

  5. Pink grapefruit & aloe vera body wash

I feel really glad that our best selling items are just every day items, because it shows our customers are committed to making changes to their habits. Rather than just popping to the supermarket, you're choosing to shop here and make a positive difference with your actions!

Thank you to each and every one of you bringing in those bottles to refill.

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Refill here:

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