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As you probably know from the monthly stats, essential items like washing up liquid and laundry liquid are the most popular because they are used by almost everyone, everyday! I use all our laundry and cleaning products at home but in this blog post I want to share my 3 favourite products that aren't just for cleaning!

1. Jim + Henry 'Eight' Leave in hair conditioner

my favourite hair conditioner ever! I've always thought my hair was just thick and frizzy but after using this leave in conditioner I've realised my hair is actually naturally curly!

I generally only have to use this on my hair every 6 days so it lasts ages. I use after washing my hair in the shower with their 'Nine' hair cleanser.

I also love that Jim + Henry is a female owned black business that specialises in hair products for afro hair. The products smell amazing too!

2. Georganics Mineral Toothpaste

I was definitely wary of swapping to a natural toothpaste and to be honest the texture did take a few brushes to get used to - but now I love the English Peppermint toothpaste! Its got a nice strong minty flavour, plus a 60ml jar lasts 2 of us about 6 weeks!

3. Friendly Soap Shea Butter Bar

This is a simple soap bar which I use daily to wash my face and take off make up (on the rare occasion I wear it!). It leaves me with such a fresh feeling and helps me feel like I'm washing away the stress of the day. Sometimes simple really is better.

Have you tried any of these yourself? I'd love to hear what some of your favourite items from Contain Yourself are, please feel free to share with me!

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