Being an introverted business owner

Running a business was never a big, lifelong dream for me. I’ve always been known as a shy, quiet person and since starting Contain Yourself I have relied on my passion to push the business forwards.

But I fear that passion alone isn’t always enough.

Big, scary words like “networking” and “marketing” seem to be what really makes a difference in growing a business and I thought I could escape working on these because I believe so strongly in everything the business has to offer, but in reality if I want to do more to help the planet and encourage people to make sustainable changes I need to be brave by putting myself out there more.

Marketing and networking, in my mind have a a lot of pressure attached to them, they sound corporate which is basically the opposite of what I stand for. But I don’t think they have to mean that. I think they can be adaptable to my values and beliefs.

Networking is really just another word for making connections with your community - something which is an important value to me. Networking doesn't have to be attending events, handing out business cards while repeating yourself asking the same questions over and over again.

Marketing at its core is about promotion and as a small business owner you have to promote yourself alongside the business - something which feels completely unnatural to introverts. I don't think it has to mean bigging myself up though, I think it can be simply finding the confidence to share more of my thoughts and opinions surrounding environmental topics of interest to me.

Part of what I love most about running Contain Yourself is that I get to be myself, share my ideas and have some fantastic conversations with my customers. I have met some great people through running a business.

This blog post is me putting the idea out into the world, to hold some accountability. I am setting myself a goal to be braver so hopefully you’ll hear a lot more from me in the future!

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