Introducing the Contain Yourself loyalty card to say thank you to our regular customers!


The Rewards:

​Collect 5 stamps for a free refill of up to 100g - perfect for trying out something new!

Collect 10 stamps for a 10% discount on your next purchase!

TN Card members - you're still able to get 10% discount with every purchase PLUS the free refill at 5 stamps PLUS 15% discount at 10 stamps! 

How it works: 

Simply spend £5 or more to collect a stamp.

Choose from a digital or physical card:

Digital - scan QR code in store or click the link on your smart phone for your loyalty card which is then saved to your phone. No waste and no more forgetting your card!

Physical - we understand not everyone is a fan of technology, so we've made some cards from old cardboard boxes so you can collect your stamps and keep hold of your card!

Sign up in store or click the following link to download your digital card.

Terms & Conditions apply, please see below for more details. 


Terms & Conditions

One card per customer.
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
One stamp for every transaction over £5, payments cannot be split to collect more stamps.
After 5 stamps have been collected customer is entitled to one free refill up to 100g: 
100g free for all Fill products, Faith in Nature products, Cole & Co hand wash/body wash.
50g free for Fushi Body Lotion
20g free for Blue Lotus Hand sanitiser, Fushi Face wash. 
Once 5 more stamps have been collected on the same card (10 stamps in total), customer is entitled to 10% off their next purchase.
Cards have no monetary value.


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