Fill Laundry Powder - Pettigrain Scented

55p per 100g


Acrylic / Maelic Acid Polymer (Anti-redeposition agent to help remove dirt)

Citric Acid (Chelating agent to help tackle limescale & regulate product ph)

Multicomponent Fragrance (Synthetic fragrance for a nice fresh scent)

Sodium Carbonate (Washing soda to soften water)

Sodium Chloride (Purified table salt to help ensure powder is easily dispensed)

Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate (Anionic surfactant to help remove tough soils & particulate matter)

Sodium Percarbonate (Oxygen based bleaching agent to help remove unsightly stains, eco friendly)

Sodium Silicate (Builder derived from sand & caustic soda to provide a range of functions including wetting, emulsification, degreasing & anti-redeposition)

Sodium Sulphate (Extracted from minerals. Helps ensure powder is easily dispensed)

Taed (Bleach activator to improve product performance at low temperatures)

Zeolite (Naturally derived mineral to soften water by ion exchange reactions)


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