Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my own plastic bottle from home?

Yes, in fact this is encouraged! It's much better to reuse and refill plastic bottles to save them being recycled (if they actually do!) or ending up in landfill.

Do you provide bottles?

Yes! We always have spare, donated jars and bottles which are free to use. They have been thoroughly cleaned but not sterilised, which is why we are only able to use them for liquids and not food.

Can I use my own bottles for preorders/ delivery?

Unfortunately not. We are only able to use our donated bottles for preorder and deliveries and paper bags for any food items. Unless you can drop off your empty containers in advance - but this kind of defeats the point of preordering/ getting a delivery!

How do your prices compare to supermarkets?

We work really hard to make sure our prices are similar to products found in the supermarket. We have found that with most toiletries and cleaning products we are actually cheaper than equivalent supermarket products. Where that's not the case we have price matched certain items so you are not paying any more. Our food items are a little trickier to compare as we choose all organic items, often not found in supermarkets. We have tried to price the food products as fairly as possible - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Do the products actually work?

Yes! All products have been tested and approved by owner Elly. There seems to be a superstition around eco friendly products that they don't work but we have lots of return customers who would tell you otherwise!

Where are the products made?

We make sure that all products are manufactured in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint and also supporting smaller businesses.

Do you have a criteria for the products sold?

We don't have set rules but the most important factor is that items come in refillable containers to create a circular economy. For food items where this isn't always possible we get large paper and plastic sacks which still reduces the overall amount of packaging. We also make sure that the products are kind to the environment, vegan, cruelty free and where possible, organic.

Why did you stop selling Faith in Nature products?

We made the decision to stop selling Faith in Nature products due to the fact that the 5L and 20L containers were ground down to make new bottles rather than washing and refilling them. While Faith in Nature state that this is the most eco friendly option, we think that containers being washed and reused is a much better option which is why we have moved over to suppliers who do just that.