Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets 

23p each or 25 for £4.99

Includes built in rinse aid. 

Wrapped in water soluble film which disolves & harmless to environment

Contains amongst other Ingredients (15 - 5%): 

Oxygen based bleach agents (Compound of natural soda crystals Hydrogen Peroxide to tackle stains & brightens, safe for water supply)

Ingredients (Below 5%): 

Nonionic Surfactant (Surfactant with no electric charge to resist deactivation from hard water & remove grease)

Enzymes (Substances produced by living organisms to break down dirt & leave products spot free)

Citric Acid (A weak organic acid which forms naturally in citrus fruits. Kills bacteria, mold, mildew. Naturally disinfects and preserves)


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